My father-in-law contacted me telling me he inherited this old aquarium, and he wanted to know if I was interested in it. According to him, it was made by a high school shop teacher back in the 50s. When he told me the details I jumped at it! The dimensions are 18″x 30″x62″, which makes it roughly 150 gallons. 60x15x12 which makes it roughly46 gallons.   The frame, sides, and bottom are oak.

It needs a lot of work, the silicone is all old and cracked as you can see in the gallery below. I’ll have to re-seal the entire thing. I’m also considering fresh coat of the sealant on the wooden areas just in case.

I haven’t decided what to put in it yet. I’m considering the idea of putting a divider in and making it half mantis shrimp habitat and half reef tank. It would probably be smarter to build this up as my natural river tank and use my all glass one as the salt water one.

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